Thursday, December 23, 2010

? - Black Rituals Of Satanic Sex Cults (1970's)

From backcover
Descend into the cinematic netherworld of the 1970's most underground sex cults! You will see tearful teens suffer welt-raising ass floggings while the devil's disciples stuff their virgin assholes, ending in sprays of supercharged cum! Satanic orgies unfold with ritualistic mummification, sexual possession and anus worship. All shown in uncut XXX detail! Includes Cult of Sadists, Witch Sabbath Hexensabbat, and Lucifer's Lust, plus a gallery showcasing ultra rare 70's publications like Witchcraft Today, which will either have you rushing to church on Sunday or hailing your new God!

Review by Ian Jane
Shot without sound, this one features some metal over top to add atmosphere. A man with great sideburns takes two hot chicks to some guy's house where they're bound, tortured, and fucked by cloaked cultists - the whole thing being filmed by a film camera slightly over to the side of the rack. Lots of nasty whipping, some fairly heavy BDSM, and one of the girls has her ass beaten so heavily it turns as red as a tomato.
A film by Sibly White, with effects by B. Mills - or so say the credits. I'm sure they're pseudonyms for someone somewhere. Again, no sound, so this time so silly Goth music plays over top of the film, which follows a pattern similar to the first short. A girl is slapped on the ass with a crop, by a group of cloaked and masked men while she's bound to some sort of hobby horse thing. Another girl shows up and dominates a man bound at his wrists and hanging from the ceiling. He's whipped until he bleeds and this his nipples are pierced (or at least we're supposed to believe they are - I couldn't tell if this was staged or not). Soon the first girl is suspended upside down and everyone whips her, and her nipples are pierced as well. Her chest is sliced up a bit by a ceremonial dagger, then the camera cuts to the outside of the house where a man knocks at the door - then it cuts and the film ends - I'm not sure if it's presented here in its complete form or not.
Again, no live sound, just goofy evil sounding music. A gang of Satanists are hanging out in someone's dimly lit basement as gangs of Satanists are prone to do. After they drink a chalice of blood, a hot chick appears and her clothes are removed. The all male group of devil worshippers take turns on her, placing a cross around her neck. Soon a female member of the cult busts out a strap-on, and each of the girls takes a wad in the face. After that sex is done, they drink from the chalice again, and I'd assume the hot chick is inducted into their ranks of evil.
Guys with stalkings on their faces bind a woman Betty Page style, while metal plays loud over top (another one without sound). The two men leave her alone, bound, and then a different guy shows up and wraps her in white tape. A second guy shows up again, and they lift her into a coffin. The end.
A funky bongo soundtrack plays over top of this one, where a nice looking blonde woman shows up to party with an evil Sonny Bono look alike (presumably the titular Satanist). He uses a yellow dildo on her, then has sex with her from a few different angles. He sodomizes her, shoots on her face, the end.
The devil appears in a woman's bedroom while her man is in the shower, in the form of a scruffy guy with a scruffy beard. He introduces himself as Lucifer, and the woman stripes. Then her man, who has fucking great sideburns, gets out of the shower. She gives him head, and away they go while the devil watches and cackles like an evil super villain from a episode of Batman. The end.
The film begins with continuous chants of 'hail Satan' and then an evil priest appears and gives a bit of a sermon, asking Satan to show up. Soon, a goofy red mask appears behind his poorly made up face, and he and a bunch of other devil worshippers pile onto a hot chick who lies on an alter, groping and dry humping her. An orgy ensues, all the while 'hail Satan' is chanted in the background. Everyone comes more or less at the same time, and then the film is as finished as they are.
In the best film on the disc, a woman is placed on an alter while the cultists around her all chant 'Uranus.' Soon, they stick a lit candle up her ass and jerk off in front of her while she gobbles the occasional knob. Once the candle is removed, she humps the high priest, all in the name of the mighty Uranus.
A pair of young ladies read up on witchcraft and then masturbate together on a bed. Then a dude in a cloak appears and he bangs them both in the ass. After that, one of the women is taken off in a wedding gown where she has sex with a guy in a cheap Dracula costume and some Kiss make up while other cult members look on.
Black Rituals Of Satanic Sex Cults is a fantastic collection of perverted short films sure to tickle the fancy of any smut aficionado. Sure, the audio and video quality isn't perfect but these are old underground loops, they never did look that good in the first place. This compilation is pretty hard to take as a seriously 'evil' set of films, but it sure does contain some truly odd films and offers plenty of chills, thrills and sexy hairy thrills for the more adventurous viewers out there in sleaze land.

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