Monday, December 27, 2010

?-The Geek (1971)


Here's one for all of my fellow bigfoot movie completists. This starts out as a typical 1970's PG-rated bigfoot movie with grainy 16mm pseudo-documentary footage of a group of male and female hikers in the wilderness while the standard cheesy voice-over narration explains that they are searching for bigfoot or "the geek" (although to my knowledge in no other bigfoot movie has he been referred to as "the geek"). Then suddenly almost without warning it turns into a hardcore porn movie! (I was wondering why one of the female hikers was wearing knee-high go-go boots). The human-human sex scenes are very bad and generally unappealing. They're actually only kind of semi-hard and seem a little truncated, possibly due to censorship but more likely (given the obscurity of this production) because a horny projectionist stole the more explicit stuff. Actually the words "semi-hard" and "truncated" also describe the male actors here, but frankly I can't blame them--it must be hard to have sex outside with women who are only marginally attractive at best. What little dialogue there is is priceless though. One guy lures a girl to his tent by offering to show her his "Italian sausage" then afterwards confesses that he was a virgin except for the time he almost made it with his sister!
None to soon bigfoot shows up (or rather a drunk guy in a bigfoot costume). He is a big disappointment. I'd hope he'd be violently raping and killing people like in the wonderful "Night of the Demon", but all he does is toss around the guys and make primitive, sasquatch-style love to a couple of the woman (who don't make much effort to get away or seem entirely unwilling). The bigfoot sex scenes are the best, not because of the bestiality or rape, but because they're mercifully softcore (I suspect "bigfoot" was to drunk too, y'know, perform). This was all done infinitely better later, of course, in the Walerian Borozyx Eurotica classic "The Beast", but that wasn't really an American-style bigfoot movie. This barely makes it as bigfoot flick either after the first five minutes, but it edges out the similar "Beauties and the Beast" and "Monster at Camp Sunshine" since bigfoot actually "gets some" here (well, kind of). I don't think it really makes it as a hardcore porn flick either (but those aren't really my thing anyway). If nothing else though, it's definitely quite a curiosity.[1973]SWV.avi.html

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