Friday, December 17, 2010

Werner Hedman - I Løvens tegn aka in the Sign of the Lion [+ Extras] (1976)


IMDB Review:
For a Sunday afternoon??, 17 May 2001
Author: hans38

This lovely astrology sign series has six titles. 'The Leo sign' version is one of my favorites. It deals with a plot whereby erotic diaries, just being published create turbulent situations among the persons involved. This all with flashbacks in a beauty full historian decor, shot with professional Danish actors and a professional director. This movie combines humor and slapstick. The difference with other movies is that it actually shows the spicy details. These hard core scenes are very well integrated in the story and become a natural part of it almost in an innocent way, almost like a family video for a Sunday afternoon. Wish there were a lot more movies like this..


Note: This film is uncut and contains explicit sex scenes.

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