Friday, January 28, 2011

Flower and Snake 3: Punishment (1986)

This film is originally from the famous erotica author Dan Oniroku's novel: Flower and Snake series.
Written art performer Shizuko has married Toyama, a successful business man. She concentrates on teaching her student, Mitsuko.
Toyama's former business partner, Tashiro, kidnaps Shizuko as revenge against Toyama who refused to save his business. Shizuko is treated as a sex toy and sex slave, the ultimate goal of Tashiro is to train up Shizuko to be a porn star.

Mitsuko is brought to Tashiro and both the master and student forced to accept the training and coaching to become a porn star.
Tashiro invites Toyama for a S&M show, and Toyama is shocked to find that the S&M queen on stage is his missing wife Shizuko, and her student Mitsuko...[repack].XviD-JeF.avi
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