Friday, January 28, 2011

Flower and Snake 3: Punishment (1986)

This film is originally from the famous erotica author Dan Oniroku's novel: Flower and Snake series.
Written art performer Shizuko has married Toyama, a successful business man. She concentrates on teaching her student, Mitsuko.
Toyama's former business partner, Tashiro, kidnaps Shizuko as revenge against Toyama who refused to save his business. Shizuko is treated as a sex toy and sex slave, the ultimate goal of Tashiro is to train up Shizuko to be a porn star.

Masaru Konuma - Hana to hebi AKA Flowers and Snakes (1974)

IMDb review:

Preston Sturges Does Story Of O

I first saw FLOWER AND SERPENT in the eighties at the Thalia. It was part of a wonderful film series on Japanese B-movies—movies regular Japanese folks see, not artsy Kurosawa flicks. Several audience members walked out in disgust within the first few minutes, but I stayed, fascinated. It was the first—and still only—Japanese bondage comedy I had ever seen.

A young, sexually impotent salaryman lives at home with his dominating—literally— mother. She produces "kinbaku" (bondage) movies in the basement to make ends meet. When the salaryman's boss discovers stills from the mother's work in the salaryman's desk, the boss mistakenly assumes the salaryman is a "nawashi" (bondage master) and orders him to kidnap and train the boss's sexually unresponsive wife. Complications ensue when the wife and salaryman fall in love with each other.

Koji Wakamatsu - Kanzen naru shiiku: akai satsui AKA Perfect Education6 (2004)


Cult director Koji Wakamatsu (famous abroad for titles such as "Go, Go Second Time Virgin") returns to helm the sixth in this perversely entertaining series. A Kabukicho gigolo with a gambling debt Mikio Osawa agrees to bump off a rich wife's husband for a bundle of cash, but botches the hit. On the run in the snow-covered hills of northern Japan, he holes up in a shuttered, deserted house. But the house is not empty: a timid, traumatized girl Mika Ito lives there, in the thrall of a sick, hot-tempered trucker Shiro Sano who has kept her there since she was a tiny girl. Osawa tries hard but looks out of his depth here, as veteran Sano and 23-year-old ingenue Ito build an all-too-believable, monstrous relationship as sadistic paternal pervert and terrified tremulous child. File under guilty pleasure.

Takashi Ishii - Takashi Ishii - Hana to hebi 2: Pari/Shizuko aka Flower and Snake 2 (2005)

Synopsis (taken from here)
Japanese cult cinema icon Takashi Ishii (Evil Dead Trap, Gonin) directs this erotic drama concerning an ageing husband who goes to unusual lengths to ensure his wife's sexual satisfaction. Soon after Tooyama begins to suffer from performance problems in the bedroom, his marriage to Shizuko takes a turn for the worse. Though he cannot pleasure his wife personally, Tooyama eventually realizes that watching his wife engage in sadomasochistic games with others can be just as much fun for both of them. Later, as Tooyama grows increasingly comfortable watching his wife explore her sexuality with other men, the unusually generous husband hires a skilled artist to capture the erotic encounters on canvas.

Koyu Ohara - Shudojo: nure nawa zange AKA Wet and Rope (1979)

A young woman gets raped by three thugs on her wedding night while her husband is forced to watch. He then tell her to leave because his honor has been violated. She attempts to commit suicide, but a priest talks her out of it and she decides to become a nun. Once inside the convent, she is again a victim of sexual abuse.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Claudio Guzmán & Arthur Marks - Linda Lovelace for President (1975)

An intentionally campy film designed to capitalize on Linda Lovelace's sudden fame following "Deep Throat", this film centers around Linda's fictional grass roots campaign to run for president. Touring the country with a rag-tag team of strange and wacky people, hilarity supposedly ensues at every stop

John Quinn - Beauty Betrayed (2002)

User Reviews
19 June 2003 | by (joe_mentat) (United States)

When I first sat down to watch this movie I thought it was going to be a strightforward crime movie. Boy was I wrong. After I realized that it was a soft-porno I was like any other guy getting really excited over women bearing all. But between the sex scenes I noticed that this was more than just another porno, it actually had a plot. Another thing that surprised me was that Allie (Samm Croft) did a fair job as an actress. Samm Croft and Renee Rea are also very hot women, especially at the end when both of them got down with their respective mates. The Movie: B The Women: A+

Russ Meyer - Supervixens (1975)

'Clint Ramsey has to leave his job working at Martin Bormann's gas station and flee after his wife is murdered by psycho cop Harry Sledge, who tries to pin the murder on Clint. Crossing America, Clint gets sexually harassed on all sides by various voluptuous nymphomaniacs, and it all ends in a literally explosive climax'.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Chuck Vincent - Blue Summer (1973)

Teenagers pack a van full of beer and go on the road in search of sexual adventures.

User Reviews
14 December 2007 | by lazarillo (Denver, Colorado and Santiago, Chile)

This is a rather schizoid movie as is evidenced by its two alternate titles "Blue Summer" on one hand, or "Love Truck", on the other. At times this seems like a typically stupid and painfully unfunny early 70's softcore sex romp with a lot of idiotic and unrealistic situations and some pretty unappealing actresses. The movie follows a pretty typical formula--two guys who have just graduated high school go off on a road trip in a customized van looking some female action, and fall into all kinds of increasingly absurd, but not particularly funny situations--and, of course, they have a lot of sex on the way.

Malcolm Leigh - Games That Lovers Play (1970)

In the 1920s, two rival brothel madames have a bet on who has the sexiest girls.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

R. William - California Cowgirls (1979)

"Looking for studs rounding up stallions…and riding them! California Cowgirls are back in the saddle again and loving it. When their cowpoke boyfriend Johnny rides into town, this rangy stud gives them shares of the mother lode without ever leaving the old bunkhouse."

Carl Heinz - L'Infirmière est vaginale (1990)

William Black - Total Reball (1990)

Ashlyn Gere is in need of the kind of sexual fulfillment most women dream about, but never achieve. Enter Dr. Sphicter and Reball! Their clinic is where the hottest memories ever put on tape can be taken to the bank. The memory Bank!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

John Love - Secrétaires B.C.B.G. aka Secrétaires BCBG le jour mais salopes et perverses la nuit (1985)

Gabrielle (Cathy Ménard) is a secretary who loves to suck employees in the elevator; she is provocative with all employees and has a relation with her boss who would like, with her complicity, to seduce the wife, Isabelle (Yasmina – Mina Houghe), of Philippe, one of his employees. Therefore, he invites the couple to a diner in his house that rapidly turns into an orgy where food and champagne are part of the sexual games. The boss silently suggest (?!) Philippe to leave and promise to take care of his wife. The shy and reticent Isabelle is not participating to the orgy but Gabrielle succeeds to take her along into bathing games with a 3rd woman and learn her lesbian games, they both end in a bedroom where Gabrielle, using a dildo belt, introduces Isabelle to the pleasure of sodomy. The boss join them but does not participate, he calls Philippe and informs him that he will be promoted thanks to the performances of his wife.

Scotty Fox - Sweet Target (1993)

P.I. Bill Harlow is hired by wealthy Roland Valentine to keep an eye on his oversexed wife Loren. But there is more to the case than Harlow is being told.

Joseph W. Sarno - Sex Starved (1988)

They were all the same alone, lonely, in need and when he came into their lives he changed them forever. This movie is packed with loads of hardcore action.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Joseph W. Sarno - Screw The Right Thing (1990)

Sorority Sisters Heather and Julianne "The T&A Girls" put hot, young coeds Monique Seabroke and Tia Ford through a Hellweek hazing that will leave you breathless!! You don't fuck around with this sorority; you actually fuck their tight pussies and devour their hot dripping snatch!!

Michel Ricaud & Marc Dorcel - Liaisons Coupables (1987)

Liaisons Guilty" is the first film, that recounts without any modesty, the incredable adventure of an incestuous relationship between a sister and brother, and of a father with his daughter. The production directed by Michel Ricaud, was crowned by the press video X Best Film of the Year.

Rik Taziner - The Winter of 1849 (1976)

Three escaped convicts lost in a blizzard come upon a cabin inhabited by an old couple and their young, nubile daughters.

Peckinpah meets porno in this moody existential western (directed and starring someone named RIK TAZINER), set in The Winter of 1849, in which the expression "Ride ’em, cowboy!" takes on an entirely different meaning.

Lost in a vast frozen wasteland, three grubby, escaped convicts, Curt, Zeke, and Lenny, make for the cabin of old Ezra and Martha where they expect to find "a nice warm place to sleep, and good grub." But old Ezra is defunct, and Martha now lives alone in the "God-forsaken wilderness" with her two sisters, strawberry blonde Middle Sister and Virginal Beth. Though Zeke can’t wait to eat "some o’ those fine vittles," this is a porno flick, ladies and gentlemen, so when the three desperados arrive at the snowbound cabin, everybody chows down on groins, not grub.

? - My Little Sister (1971)

Stolen synopsis:
Rene Bond and Suzanne Fields get in on together in tale of a girl getting her younger sister laid for the first time SUZANNE FIELDS, cult star and cutie, is My Little Sister, a gal with lots of attitude. Too much attitude, if you ask her older sister, who believes "a good lay" might be just what baby sister needs. So she arranges for some of her hypersexual pals (and herself) to provide li’l sis with her much-needed cumuppance. Of course, any movie offering Suzanne and Rene together in hardcore scenes is a treasure and a treat, and makes up in spades for the lame dubbed dialogue that almost makes this a comedy.

Peter Davy & Jean-Pierre Ferrand - Voodoo Lust: The Possession (1989)

Enter into the world of Voodoo, where the magic powers of the cult provide worship, sex and insatiable lust to those in command. Dr. Roberts, a professor of anthropology, lusts after his beautiful student, Meg. Haiti in 1936 where the granddaughter of Dutchess Grandee, a voodoo priestess, he attempts to bring Meg under his sexual influence. Our adventure takes us back to Haiti. See how voodoo is used to influence sex and lust, but Meg uses her limited knowledge of the cult for her own ends and it goes totally wrong! An exciting adventure of Voodoo power, sex, lust and possession.

Jesus Franco - Paroxismus aka Venus in Furs (1969)


In Istanbul, a jazz trumpeter pulls the murdered body of a young woman from the surf. He remembers her from the night before, when he saw her at a millionaire playboy's party and then later watched as she was assaulted by the party's host and two of his friends. In confusion, Jimmy, the musician, leaves for Rio where he finds the sympathetic ear of Rita, a singer who invites him to live with her and helps him recover his equilibrium and his musical ability. Then, into the room walks a woman who looks like Wanda, the murder victim. Jimmy pursues her, not caring if she's alive or dead. What's going on?

Enzo Milioni - La Sorella di Ursula AKA The Sister of Ursula (1978)

Plot summary:
Two sisters from Austria, Ursula (Barbara Magnolfi) and Dagmar (Stefania D'Amario) check into a lavish seaside hotel in Italy. Still grieving the loss of their recently deceased father, they are warmly welcomed by the hotel's owner and manager (Vanni Materassi) who invites them to check out the adjoining nightclub. They are introduced to the hilariously awful singer Stella Shining (Yvette Harlow) and the suave and debonair closet junkie Filippo (Marc Porel). It would all be deadly dull if it wasn't for a mad unseen killer who's going around raping and murdering the local women with a giant wooden dildo! A subplot involving a drug ring and lots of near hardcore sex fails to spice up things any further.

John Stagliano - Rock 'N Roll Heaven (1989)

"I thought I was going to make one of my usual, well-structured erotic videos, and it started out that way. However… when you mix a live metal band with some of porn's hottest young stars, you get Rock 'n Roll hell, or was it Rock 'n Roll Heaven? You decide.

I had a whole bunch of good ideas: limo sex, beach sex, sex in the dark corners and bathrooms of a night club, and I got that, but I didn't plan on the band and all the extras jumping into that last orgy. I tried to control them but nobody could hear me over the Heavy Metal. When Woop sang the F… & S… Blues all hell broke loose. Good thing I had two cameras rolling. It was a director's nightmare and a producer's dream."

Hal Freeman - Caught from Behind (1982)

An urban couple uses binoculars in their balcony to watch people having sex in various combinations, but always involving anal sex at one point or another. Once they get excited themselves, they invite other couples over.

The first installment of the anally fixated series was a revelation when it was released. Director Hal Freeman was one of the first to recognize the ultimate erotic allure of back door boffing, and his searing collection turned heads among fans and film makers alike. The action is strung together very loosely by a young couple who spy on their apartment complex neighbors as they engage in all manner of booty busting bedlam.

Jim Clark - Little Darlin's (1981)

In this classic adult parody of 1980's "Little Darlings," a school bus loaded with girls bound for summer camp breaks down near an isolated resort hotel. As the young ladies await the repair of their bus, they begin to explore their awakening carnal desires with the hotel staff... and each other!