Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Joe Davian - The Night of Submission (1976)


NYC voodoo cult practice ritualistic S/M! Rough sex auteur Davian delivers a straight faced black magic story. New York reporters investigate the bizarre sex rituals of an underground voodoo cult. Wall to wall graphic orgies, up close whip wounds, and crucifixion!

Review from dvddrive-in
Adult films of the Golden Age, from both the East and West Coasts, spawned a number of bizarre mixes of hardcore sex and the supernatural. Witches, black magic rituals, Satan worshippers and voodoo cults were featured in a number of favorite classic porno films, including this one. NIGHT OF SUBMISSION plays like a shoddy low-budget horror film with raunchy sex included, and at only 55 minutes, doesn't wear out its welcome.
An opening sex scene introduces our hero: a fat bearded lummox who is lucky enough to schtup his mistress Annie Sprinkle in front of a blazing fireplace (poor Annie....). He is a newspaper reporter who has uncovered a surefire frontpage story. A local bar he frequents is run by a black man known as the Red Baron, and his patrons are all members of a secret voodoo cult which holds its rituals in a beautiful townhouse (in Queens, it looks like). Innocent young girls are beaten with whips and tuning forks (!) and are violated by massive dildos! An orgy breaks out at the climax of one ceremony, with two or three guys to each girl. The only problem is that all pictures taken of the rituals turn out blank, so the reporter drags his bitchy wife to a ceremony where she is beaten and has her tits clamped while she screams bloody murder! In a twist ending, all the typed pages of the story become blank pieces of paper.
NIGHT OF SUBMISSION is a rare departure from the Avon Studios by director Joe Davian. The man responsible for such favorites as HOUSE OF DE SADE, DOMINATION BLUE and APPOINTMENT WITH AGONY doesn't skimp on the violence and rough stuff here, either. It's perplexing who he directed this film for: all the Avon personalities are here (Annie Sprinkle, Vanessa Del Rio, C.J. Laing), and film historians often mistake this as coming from the infamous house of pain. The dialogue is almost all off-the-cuff; Davian probably just told the actors the set-up and told them to wing it for the cameras. They trip over each other's line and even interrupt each other; it's a joy to watch unprepared porno actors try to stretch their thespian talents. C.J. Laing is hilarious in a non-sexual role as the news photographer snapping photos through the apartment window; she uses an exaggerated Jewish yenta voice and improvises most of her comic dialogue. Every time the reporter patrons the bar, a dramatic Streisand impersonator warbles "Memories" to anyone who will hear her. Vanessa Del Rio is Marie, a bar waitress who invites the reporter to a ceremony and gets anally raped for her mistake! Helen Madigan is in here somewhere...and you might recognize Clea Carson, aka Loren Michaels (a waitress in BARBARA BROADCAST) as one of the cult members who has an extended sex scene with Red Baron during the climax. The sex is the dominating element of the film, and rest assured, it's quite heavy stuff. There's lots of cunnilingus, interracial sex (Red Baron gets to screw every girl in the cult, it seems!), leather bondage and plain old missionary position, all performed with reckless abandon. However, it all becomes a little much and the fast-forward button is a blessing. When approaching Avon-inspired roughies of the 70s, NIGHT OF SUBMISSION is an interesting curio but is far from essential.