Sunday, January 8, 2012

Masashi Yamamoto - Tampon Tango (1975)


(Description by Garrett at Female Trouble blog)

Tampon Tango was a Japanese film released in 1975, blurring the line between porn and cult flick. I'm actually not sure what it is trying to be as the plotline and visuals are too bizarre to be a straight porn, but the actual sex scenes are too vanilla to actually turn someone on.

The film revolves around a pornographer and several of his actors and actresses. One of the women mentions interest in setting up a scene where tampons are forcibly inserted into a girl's vagina as this kind of scene has 'never been done before.'

From there the film delves into a blurry of oddball scenes consisting of penis guitar playing and women placing explosives in their lower regions. I don't want to spoil all the scenes, so I'll keep it at that.

Now from all of this, you must think that this is the greatest film ever. Well, while there are no doubt some amazing and unique scenes in this film, the consistency of them is where this movie falls a little flat. In between some of the more memorable scenes are some flat-out boring and not to mention, extremely long sex scenes. A true test of endurance. Even for those of you nipponphiles with an extreme case of the yellow fever will most likely be bored to sexual numbness watching these people go at it. It is almost as if they were a pair of awkward virgins going at it for the first time. Prepare to be flaccid.

However, we are at least allowed to exit on a good note. An absolutely outlandish group sex scene that never seems to end until we see a release of confetti and topless middle-aged Japanese men waving batons. Fucking punk rock.

To be completely honest, I really didn't care for this film as much as I thought I would, only for the sake of one's curiosity did I upload this film, and don't we all want to satisfy those curiosities? I don't think anyone has bothered to upload Tampon Tango in the past (besides a few elitist torrent sites) so I thought I would save anyone the trouble of trying to track this one down.

The scenes that are memorable are extremely so, but the consistency is what kills it. The actual sex scenes are way too long and drawn out, and if those were shortened just a bit I think Tampon Tango would be a flawless cult classic. Most likely there will be more who enjoy this than I did, although I have to say, I don't think I have ever seen anything quite like Tampon Tango.... ever.

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