Monday, December 3, 2012

Bob Rafelson - (2002)


Veteran film director Matty Bonkers (Bob Rafelson), a Hollywood legend, arrives in Berlin or an honorary retrospective tribute. While introducing his film MOCKERY, he receives a phone call from his producer lying in intensive care at a hospital. Blau (Trevor Griffiths) needs a favor for old times' sake. Could Matty finish a porn movie before his legs get broken by Tokyo Tony? Matty reluctantly agrees. On the set he meets movie star and ex-cello-player Inga (Fabienne Babe) - and the experience is bizarre spirited uplifting a comédie humaine. features Bob Rafelson in his first major acting role.

Bob Rafelson - Director
Born in New York City in 1933, Bob Rafelson is a compulsive drifter and a Hollywood maverick. After graduating from Dartmouth College, he started writing for television, adapting stage productions for "Play of the Week" With Bert Schneider and Steve Blauner, he formed BBS Productions, the company which produced such hits as EASY RIDER and TILE LAST PICTURE SHOW. Rafelson made his directorial debut with HEAD, a rock film featuring the Monkees. Two years later, he made FIVE EASY PIECES, which won him the best director award from the New York Film Critics. (ziegler-film)

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