Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Jan Halldoff - Rötmånad aka Dog Days (1970)


Plot synopsis
Christina Lindberg's film debut as a 17 year old girl that is forced to prostitute herself, while her father waits on drinks for the customers.
The hairdresser Assar Gustafsson's wife Sally turns up in the pair's country cottages. She has been disappeared in five years. Sally has been prostituted and now she put her 17 year old daughter Bella in work. The public swimming-pool on the pier becomes a drive in brothel for male summer visitors. Assar fails with his protests and he plans to kill Sally and he shoot Bella's boyfriend in cold blod. Then the revenge beginns.The film's manuscripts is made by the director Jan Halldoff, the producer Bengt Forslund and the author Lars's Forssell, member of the Swedish Academy.


Swedish language, no subtitles
no pass