Monday, April 8, 2013

Jesus Franco - Cocktail spécial (1978)


"Adolescent Naivety Will Be Fatal !, 26 January 2005
Author: ANTONIO LA TORRE (BCULT) from Palermo, Italy

The naive teen-aged Eugénie (Beni Touxa) is strongly convinced by the perverse Martine (Carole David) to spend a weekend in her ambiguous house, after the vicious woman has seduced the girl's father. Martine's true intention is that of offering Eugénie as the main course of a secret orgy, where she plans to get the girl's father to unwittingly deflower his own daughter. The young guests of this house placate their sexual lust among themselves, with the sporadic participation of a vicious young man. As an irony of fate, this complex and articulated Jesus Franco's movie was released with one title only. An unbelievable anomaly for the productions of the Spanish cult director."

"Great Adult Entertainment, 27 September 2005
Author: pierrelegere from Germany

The Film was also released in Germany with the title "Feuchte Lippen" and has a very good synchronization. This film is a great 70's porn flick, entertaining and tasteless, including incest and pissing- scenes. It's the story of a virgin who gets private sex-party circles of a pervert woman, who also has a relationship with the virgins father. At a bizarre sex-party, she tries to arrange the defloration of the virgin by her own .thats a story!! The original name ("Cocktail speciale") comes from a scene where some party guests mix a cocktail just with their own comment!

It was distributed in the theaters by Beate Uhse Filmverleih and also released on German Video by BuV / Videorama. There is also a good soundtrack, at least on the German version. If you are into cheesy erotic films, this might be your next Saturday night fun! Seems to be uncut in Germany, but contains nearly no violence anyway... and they didn't cut too much pubic-hair this days! "

this is some good artsy hardcore pr0n from franco alter ego clifford brown.
from emule, thanks to whoever made the good quality vhs rip.


Language:German dubbed