Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Claudio Giorgi - Candido erotico aka Copenhagen Nights (1977)

IMDb comment:

Lili Carati--need I say more?

Since I am suffering from a strange fetish for barely legal Italian starlets from the 1970's (well, maybe not "suffering". . .), I have seen any number of films now featuring the lovely Lili Carati, who started out as a Miss Italy finalist and eventually ended up as a drug-addled hardcore porn star. This is one of her first movies and she looks strangely demure and innocent here. The story resolves around a male sex performer in Copenhagen, Denmark who does work on the side as a model for a female photographer (and former lover). He spots a nude photo of her stepdaughter (Lili Carati) and decides to seek her out. Naturally, this doesn't sit well with the older women, or with her husband (although the latter can't say much about it since he has just paid the man to have sex with his wife while he watches). In an unbelievable turn of events though it turns out though this guy can't, uh, "perform" WITHOUT an audience. You can pretty much imagine how it ends.

This is a fairly classy film and NOT hardcore porn (which Carati wouldn't become involved in until the late 80's). The sex show scenes, which take up large amounts of the film's running time, seem ridiculously pretentious (but then again I've never attended a live sex show in 1970's Copenhagen). Carati looks really good and spends half the movie in her tight little birthday suit (as usual), and no one would kick the woman who plays her stepmother out of bed for eating crackers either. African-American ex-pat (and alleged transsexual) Ajita Wilson also has a non-speaking role as one of the sex performers. Not really good, but better than most of these kind of films I guess.


Two audio tracks - Italian and english.
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