Friday, September 13, 2013

Hiroto Yokoyama - Manji (1983)


An older married woman, Sonoko, catches the beautiful Mitsuko watching her shoplift one day. Afraid of being turned in to the police she follows the younger woman home. After hanging about outside for a while feeling nervous Sonoko rings the doorbell and introduces herself. She offers Mitsuko money to keep her mouth shut. Mitsuko, as emotionally unstable as Sonoko herself is insulted and tells her to put her money away. This is where the interaction takes a more bizarre turn. Sonoko, apparently feeling like she owes Mitsuko something gets flustered, this catches on to Mitsuko and the women begin to physically struggle with each other. Some milk is spilt. Mitsuko suggests Sonoko lick it up off the floor. She does so, then they get aggressive again and start trying to hit each other. They tire of that eventually and Mitsuko herself takes a drink of milk from off the floor. I guess this strange sequence of events was supposed to mark their meeting for the bizarre relationship that follows. The whole film has weird, kinky scenes scattered all the way through, including a lot of role-playing games and random smacking on the face. The plot however is fairly simple. A married woman falls in love with a young and beautiful girl. Girl comes between woman and husband. Girl has affair with husband. Older woman kills herself. The ending was very confusing, and it wasn't made clear how Sonoko died or why she did it, since Mitsuko had already tried to get back together with her. However, I believe Mitsuko's character was meant to be unemotional, and the story about emotional reactions to her.

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