Sunday, October 13, 2013

Roy Stuart - Glimpse 6 (1990 - 2008)

Roy Stuart (born October 25, 1942 in New York City) is an American photographer and director who lives in Paris. His books are published by Taschen.
One of the characteristics of the photographs of Roy Stuart is an astute blending of glamour photography and pornography which puts a strong emphasis on female models and BDSM aesthetics.
His work has proven to be popular at KG "Giulia" link and "The Fourth Body"link He is also seen in "Tinto Brass Presents Erotic Short Stories 1"link
Now Roy Stuart concentrates primarily on filmmaking but still takes photographs focussing on the female form and erotica.

Notice when an American hardcore video promises 'real women' what they mean is ugly women, or overweight woman, or women who couldn't make it in mainstream porn? When did real become synonymous with homely? Roy's spectacular GLIMPSE VIDEO #6 gives you approx. 2½ hours of very real women more beautiful than any of the man-made Barbie dolls of American porn, and they're having very actual orgasmic sex.
There are the real women of your dreams. Lithe, healthy bodies free of tatoos and piercings, natural breasts and bushes and gorgeous faces with little or no make-up, topped with silky hair innocent of the ravages of peroxide — these are the girls you sigh after in the office, the wives and girlfriends of your luckiest friends. And more than anything, these are the women you never, ever see impaled on big, hard cocks in any porn anywhere but from the House of Roy. How does Roy get women no other videographer can touch? He's an artist, and he has a vision and a passionate way of communicating that vision to women who, on average, have never even considered taking their clothes off in a magazine, let alone taking a big black cock in their mouths while another pummels them from behind. Roy also has standards, critical demands for beauty and authenticity. He sends women away if they have artificial breasts or hair, or most of all, if they shave.

GLIMPSE #6 is a convincing argument for the erotic power of furry armpits and luxuriant pubic growth. Roy also insists on authentic on-camera orgasms. There's no faking of pleasure here; you'll see more female orgasms than male, more squirting pussies than cocks. Roy knows genuine arousal is the greatest aphrodisiac, plus he wants women to leave their encounterswith him more enlightened, more happy with and in control of their sexuality. He also wants them to learn to piss on cue.
Okay, that last isn't about their pleasure, or even yours. Mr. Stuart just loves to see chicks squirt abandoned streams of hot golden nectar, preferably at the moment of orgasm. Same with erotic dancing; Roy loves to have women dance for his pleasure, and they dance here for yours as well. Some are accomplished in ballet or modern dance, others obvious amateurs, charmingly awkward.
But let me not forget why this is called THE GLIMPSE VIDEO. All these real women you'll never see anywhere else share themselves utterly, completely, ecstatically.[ROY_STUART].avi.html

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