Monday, November 25, 2013

Mario Bianchi - La bimba di Satana aka Satan's Baby Doll (1982)


Synopsis - IMDB User Comment:
The plot is deceptively simple: A wealthy dirtbag with a taste for smack throttles his
philandering wife in a fit of rage after discovering her illicit lesbian affair with the
sexy, shapely nun employed to care for the man's invalid brother. During her funeral she possesses the body of her sexy teenage daughter and over the course of the film compels the girl to bring about the deaths of everyone in the household that the woman had slept wit.
Which was all of them, at one point or another, including a sinister looking butler who was apparently dabbling in the black arts down in his private little satanic shrine in the
catacombs near the family crypt and somehow enabled the woman's allegiance to Lucifer.
Or, something like that. Legends abound that this was originally a full-blown hardcore sex film though the only surviving prints amount to a roughly 72 minute (PAL 25fps: all known versions are PAL transfers) celebration of moods and deviancy that is deceptively tame looking. Lesbianism, necrophilia, voyeurism, incest, drug abuse, and cold-blooded murder from beyond the grave prevail as director Bianchi sets a deliberate, meditative pace that wallows in the film's ornate, Gothic trappings, all of it set to a decidedly melancholy and evocative keyboard/vocal musical score by Nico Catanese that gives it all an air of sadness that is distinctively at odds with the rather high sleaze quotient.

Italian audio, english soft subtitles, uncut, explicit hardcore scenes.