Sunday, August 31, 2014

John Lamb - Sex Freaks (1974)


There is this porno-mondo I've been wanting to see for YEEEEAARS ever since seeing the trailer on one of Something Weird's Dragon Art Theater porn trailer VHS compilations in the mid 90s. It's this 1974 film called SEX FREAKS, and I'd pretty much given up on it until a couple of weeks ago I was at the After hours site and just happened across the fact that they put it out on DVD in July 2009! I was quite surprised!
Sex Freaks is a catalog of all things kinky – voyeurism, nymphomania, necrophilia, sadomasochism – with a few unusual novelties thrown in along the way (sex in a carwash, at a bullfight, underwater, in the snow) this unusual example of a Sex-Shockumentary posits that the Devil is responsible for our deviant ways!

It's like this bizarre whitecoater/art film/xxx hybrid. Kind of like a porno-mondo tag-team directed by Jordowski and Damiano. John Lamb created it in 1973, and is better known as the fellah who did SEXUAL FREEDOM IN DENMARK & SEXUAL LIBERTY NOW![1970] which are both on Cinemageddon.
Two of the very first feature films to depict hardcore sex. I especially liked the scene where a nerdy John Holmes rapes a girl, and this other crazy phone sex terrorism sequence where a guy -- via the phone -- convinces a girl that he's going to blow her up if she doesn't totally degrade herself for his enjoyment. Nothing I say can really describe this mish-mash of hardcore sex and unusual imagery very acurately. Let the screens do the talking.

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