Monday, September 8, 2014

Bigas Luna - Las edades de Lulú aka The Ages Of Lulu (1990)


Bristling with potent erotic imagery, this exquisite film from Spanish director Bigas Luna tells the tale of a young girl's sexual enlightenment. When fifteen-year-old Lulu succumbs to the advances of one of her brother's friends, Pablo, she soon finds herself in the back of his car, having her first sexual experience. Years later, when Pablo returns to Spain from teaching in the States, the two meet again and get married. Once married, they create their own private universe, spending their time making love, away from the complications of the real world.

However, their world of intense sexual exploration is soon shattered when Pablo pushes Lulu too far. Alone, and unable to forgive Pablo, Lulu's feverish passion finds its outlet through an ever more dangerous exploration of sexual perversion. Allowing herself to become increasingly out of control, she soon finds herself in a situation from which there is no going back. Powerful and explicit, The Ages of Lulu is one of the most sensual and erotically-charged cinematic experiences ever crafted.ú.mkvú.mkv.html