Monday, September 1, 2014

Jean Rollin - Hard Penetration (1977)


Servien and Marbeuf are two crooks who try to get some hired girls to keep a rich prince busy whilst they want to steal his jewels. They engage a girl (skinny) but have not much confidence in her. She engages two servants to help her with her heavy duties. (One is Cathy Castel, the other one is blackhaired and a Veronique Cousteau lookalike; she might be XNK0354.) Together they amuse the prince and his assistant, mostly in the swimming pool inside the villa and in various beds. For some reason the two crooks put Castel in bondage, but she manages to escape. However the crooks have been fooled because the diamonds were fake. All ends well.
Typical Rollin approach to adult film making: lovemaking in a joyous environment. Cathy Castel has swollen tits. It looks as if she recently had a baby. Much underwater filming (following Félicia by Max Pécas?). It's all very gigglish, and it looks as if a bunch of friends sit together by the fire and the water and have some sex.[1977]Jean_Rollin.avi.html