Sunday, September 21, 2014

Zachary Strong - Visions of Clair (1977)



This true 'masterpiece' of 'experimental erotica' is rather hard-to-find, thus the rip is not of the greatest quality, but it is certainly watchable.

Tagline: "a film in the style of Emmanuelle but with the raw passion of The Story of O"

What the original uploader had to say about the film:

Okay, so having watched this film, it is abundantly obvious that drugs were way better in the 70's: much more potent, and much less stigma. The result is some fantastic entertainment that would have no business being produced in this day and age.
Just as cinema in general was more unbridled and far more director-centric in the 70's, the porn industry had it's moments too. This film definitely belongs in the cannon of bizzarro classics.

I read a review of it on imdb, but it really lacked the essence of the film. To me it felt like a psychological horror movie. The rhythmic editing produces a visual dirge if you will, in conjunction with the ambiant score that conjures up sinister stirring in the soul. Perhaps this is too heady a description for the film, but it really is no less than that. The orgy flashbacks, or fantasy sequences have bizarre, downbeat narration over top, with the droning clamour of the minimalist score.

I reminded me, in a very fleeting way, of a porn version of Bergman's 'Persona'.
Anyway, this site would be remiss if this film weren't on it: it really kicks the shit out of any other porn I've seen. The sex scenes even seem like their making love, not fucking. Just a weird, trippy film.

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