Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Franz Josef Gottlieb - Hurra - Die Schwedinnen sind da (1978)


IMBD comment: How to run a Bavarian hotel? 15 August 2009 | by devriesj (Netherlands) – How to run a regular Bavarian hotel, of which there are so many more in Bavaria? Niki Moser (Wolf Goldan) is faced to this problem, and wants to make it a sports hotel with all kind of sport and gymnastic equipment. That costs a lot, but fortunately the mayor (Josef Moosholzer) is willing to help: he will lend him the money under one condition: that Niki will marry his daughter Marianne (a daughter from a relation he had with a woman in Africa). Niki likes Marianne (Scarlett Gunden) and she likes him, but both of them don't want a marriage. Together with his friend Tony Niki is trying to mortgage the hotel and pay back the mayor, so he will be rid of this marriage contract. However, the bank is not willing to give him a mortgage. Then they ask the ministry to help them with government allowances to help tourism flourish. They seem to have success: a high civil servant is coming over to look around and then decide whether the allowance will be granted.When the civil servant Hugo Wiesinger (Herlin) arrives, he is in the company of an attractive young woman, his secret girlfriend, who accompanies him on this "mission". His wife, of course, is ignorant about this, but a jealous secretary tells her the secret. So she is coming over too to see if her husband is really cheating on her. Niki is busy getting guests into his hotel because all rooms have to be booked with guests when the man from the ministry is doing his survey. He only has two guests, a newly married couple, of which the husband is a homosexual who is not very interested in making love with his bride, much to her disappointment. And then: five girls arrive on a holiday (the Swedish girls to whom the title is referring) and of course they get rooms for free if they want to act as real hotel guests. Together with young men of the local brass band who are recruited to act as their "husbands". Of course they are willing to play that role, in every possible way.... One of the girls meets with the gay bridegroom, who, to her great surprise, is her long lost uncle. When the civil servant comes with the girlfriend in a white sports car, they get out in the meadow for a picnic. In the same time two lunatics escape from the nearby asylum........ The young son of the mayor is secretly peeping in here and there and gives his remarks to the viewer during the movie, and plays a trick on his father now and then. And there is a funny scene with the civil servant and a local hairdresser, who has trouble with his wife about rehearsing a stage play in which she has the role of a woman who meets her lover. Who will play that lover? Would that be a role for a civil servant?




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