Friday, November 28, 2014

Alexis Neve - Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder der Liebe II - Sexuelle Partnerschaft (1968)


So much sex wasn't so common in German cinemas! "Is the pill decaying the moral?". "are love technics perverse or normal?", "the impotence phobia" are just a few of Oswalt Kolle cult-film in which he talks freely about his wish to see a world of understanding and tenderness between men and women. But Kolle had to face huge resistances: the FSK (German self-censorship institution) prohibited the movie, a district attorney tryed with any means to put him in jail and the student Left just had mockery and contempt for him.

All this just encouraged the "Sex missionary" and brought him another "Golden Screen" for more than 3 millions audience (3rd of March 1970 in Berlin) - and more than 3,5 millions in all Germany.

Oswalt Kolle: Das Wunder der Liebe II - Sexuelle Partnerschaft

In this sequel of the first Das Wunder der Liebe (that I will upload right after this one), Kolle goes on with his enlightening battle against sex-taboos in the sexual education and partnership. Here, the different development of the sexual understanding will be illustrated in fiction scenes and round-table discussion with experts. The infantile coinage and the role of the parents in a healthy education of the first love. Frustration in the partnership and the lack of understanding for the partner's needs will be discussed with factual arguments as well as commentary providing keys to the causes and solution.

A must-see if you want to understand the first erotic thrill millions of Germans had watching their TV back then and how it coined their representations of sexuality...

German language, no subs