Sunday, November 30, 2014

Bob Chinn - The Seductress (1981)


A sleazy photographer engages a hooker to seduce local politicians so he can secretly take pictures of them having sex to use as blackmail against them.

Director Bob Chinn relates the engrossingly seamy story at a steady pace, makes effectively claustrophobic use of the seedy motel main location, and delivers plenty of steamy and explicit sex. The raunchy dialogue adds extra dirty sizzle while the sleazy premise gives this picture a suitably scuzzy voyeuristic edge. Moreover, there's sound acting from a capable cast, with especially stand-out contributions from buxom redhead Lisa De Leeuw as the bitter Cindy Anderson, Billy Dee as nice guy John McCord, Kathy Harcourt as John's lusty wife Rose, Rock Steadie as smarmy politician David Hamilton, Richard Reynolds as adulterous jerk Richard, and Yvette Cole as abrasive hooker Carla. The groovy-bopping score hits the get-down funky spot. Ken Gibb's slick cinematography provides a neat glossy look. Worthwhile viewing for those seeking edgier adult fare.