Sunday, November 9, 2014

Gerard Damiano - Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (1981)


beyond your wildest dreams:
Sharon (Juliet Anderson) is the dreamer. Her dream begins with a cock-tale party where she entertains more than a dozen of her friends in a sensual way. Her husband is a young and handsome stud named Andrew, who has a perpetual hard-on for her. You’ll LOVE to see what happens when Sharon wakes up!


Assessing his social impact is easy. The obituaries, published following filmmaker Gerard Damiano's death in 2008, almost all begin with the story of his most famous feature, the 1972 sex comedy Deep Throat. Critic William Wolf devoted a chapter of his 1979 book Landmark Films to the picture, noting that its "significance . . . reaches far beyond the porno genre." His impact on the film industry was seismic. What remains difficult, if not impossible, is making any real assessment of his artistic merit. Unlike works of a Bergman, an Altman or even a Corman, Damiano's fifty-plus feature films are not championed by scholars, or assembled for Cinematheque-style retrospectives. Born on this day (August 4) in 1928, Gerard Damiano deserves to be remembered as an auteur. An Italian Catholic from the Bronx, he channeled his ambition to become a filmmaker into the most marginal of movie genres and, with a film he wrote, produced, directed and edited, seized upon a countercultural moment in America to change it forever. As is so often the case, those who create change have no control over it thereafter. Despite his own artistic vision, Damiano became neither rich nor particularly famous. He practiced his craft for 24 years, taking every project as an opportunity to try new things. In his 24th feature, 1981's Beyond Your Wildest Dreams, he paid homage to Ingmar Bergman.

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