Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Giovanni Soldati - L'attenzione (1984)


This is a story of love and lust shaded with overtones of incest and lesbianism. Livia is a woman trying to regain the affections of her husband Alberto, whose journalism career takes him away for months at a time - on purpose. What she does not know is that he has an undeniable attraction for their daughter Monica. Livia's own sexual eccentricities lead her to hire young women to have sex with Alberto while she listens in hiding. When Monica wants to get into the act too, the real truth about her parentage is revealed. (IMDb)

Mme. Sandrelli's tits and ass
Author: Cristi_Ciopron from CGSM, Soseaua Nationala 49

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This movie contains some of the most beautiful images of Stefania's tits and ass when she was young; therefore it's highly recommended to all the fans of Stefania's nudity. L'Attenzione is a '84 flick—when Stefania was 38 and from an epoch when she undressed a lot in her movies. Here and in another '84 movie she looked, naked, younger than in LA CHIAVE. I have no explanation for this anatomic fact.

You know what's great about Sandrelli's career? There's plenty of movies for those who're only about her nudity; and there's plenty also for those who want to see her in non—nude movies …. She's not an one—track babe. She made plenty of flicks that are interesting mainly for her naked body; and she also made plenty of films that are interesting for other things.


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