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Hung Leung Yan - Tortured Sex Goddess Of Ming Dynasty (2003)


Set during the Ming Dynasty, this lurid, sexually-charged drama tells the tale of a young man determined to accrue great wealth by castrating himself, murdering a female dominatrix, and presenting her head to a revered local eunuch. Ngai always knew he was destined for greatness, but greatness comes at a high price during the Ming Dynasty. After becoming smitten by Han, the beautiful star of a popular sex torture act, Ngai is schooled in the darkest pleasures of the flesh. But local eunuch Sun had intended to claim Han, and when Ngai ran off with her their lives were both put in great danger. Now, in order to atone for his transgression and achieve the kind of fame he has always dreamt of, Ngai will be forced to decapitate Han at the peak of pleasure, and present her head to Sun as a gruesome sign of undying devotion.

two stories in one - both with the same aim, to get beautiful ladies naked
10 January 2012 | by J_Charles

the first story is about a slimy guy who loses at gambling, ends up sacrificing his wife to a bunch of perverts in order to pay off his debts. He gets away destitute and poor with only his wits and his lack of morals to help him survive. He happens upon a eunuch who has imported a group of Japanese courtesans and as luck would have it, our anti-hero gets to test them out with great success. This leads to an unlikely "lust" affair between him, a Japanese geisha, and her sister. He ends up betraying them in order to win favour with the eunuch in order to get a cushy job in the royal court.

Of course, there's lots of sex thrown in there with the highlight for me being the lesbian tryst between the geisha and her sister. Both ladies are lovely to look at which is a good thing because they're on display a lot in the first half of the movie. They also have a threesome with the anti-hero which eventually leads to their demise.

The second half of the movie made even less sense to me. It involved a woman in man's clothing who was reliving the same day every day - similar to Ground Hog Day except with a lot more sex and no Bill Murray. The sex in this half is obviously all lesbian and isn't quite as hot as the first half. But watching a woman simulate breast-feeding on another woman was a bit of an eye opener.

Production values are OK considering the genre. The women as a group were all attractive with very nice bodies. Unfortunately one of my favourites Grace Lam plays only a bit part here and remains fully clothed but the rest of the cast fills in admirably.

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