Monday, December 29, 2014

Toshiharu Ikeda - Tenshi no harawata 4: Akai inga AKA Angel Guts: Red Porno (1981)


RED PORNO is a sexy and sleazy entry in Nikkatsu's "classic" ANGEL GUTS roman-porn series. This one amps up the sexiness quite a bit over some of the previous entries (which is NEVER a bad thing...) and the storyline, though threadbare, keeps your interest - especially considering the swift 65-minute or so run-time...

A strange and reclusive neighbor becomes obsessed with Nami after seeing her spread in a porn rag entitled (aptly enough...) Red Porno. Meanwhile, a serial-panty-stealer is on the loose in the neighborhood. Is it the same weirdo? - that is the question. The rest of the film is pretty much filler to show tons of near-graphic masturbation and sex scenes...

RED PORNO is light on story but heavy on steamy sex. though not as "explicit" as true-porn (what do you expect - you know the Japs can't show that sh!t...) - some of the female masturbation scenes are pretty boner-inducing. A nice oily rope bondage/masturbation scene, table-leg penetration, and a very interesting egg-in-a-condom scene involving pencils that is definitely some strange stuff. Although the storyline is weak, I found it interesting enough - and again, the run-time is short enough that you won't get bored. Definitely recommended to fans of the series or roman-porn/pinku-eiga films in general...8.5/10

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