Thursday, January 15, 2015

Henri Pachard - Babylon Pink (1979)


Often imitated, never duplicated, Babylon Pink is the blushing-hot Female Fantasy Film of All Time! The outrageous CECIL HOWARD and HENRI PACHARD join forces for a long- shameless probe into the most intimate erotic desires of the hottest stars in the world! Never before has a film been this nasty- this unforgettable!!! You'll see VANESSA DEL RIO- a tigress in heat...SAMANTHA FOX in total submission...MERLE MICHAELS- an erotic plaything for naughty eurasian ARCADIA LAKE and stud ERIC EDWARDS...GEORGINA SPELVIN - outstripping all her previous performances in unspeakable ecstasy...DEBBIE REVENGE- queen of defiled sensuality - eaten alive by desire...GEORGETTE SANDERS- all wicked innocence and burning curiosity...and more! For seasoned - willing adults ONLY- this Adult Film Asssociation BEST PICTURE OF THE YEAR is required viewing for anyone who wants the best possible erotica!!!An Erotic Experience For The Experienced Eroticist...