Monday, February 2, 2015

Kil-chae Jeong - Hera Purple (2001)



A woman troubled by vague anxiety consults a psychiatrist. To obtain a faster diagnosis, he uses hypnotism. This results in what is for the audience an extensive series of homicidal sex fantasies. How much of them could possibly be real? Meanwhile, a team of detectives (with funny personalities and "morgue" humor) is investigating a series of very strange murders that seem to parallel the woman's "fantasies".
A series of young men are murdered, each found disemboweled. Haerim, a middle-aged woman, goes under hypnosis to cure her nightmares, and her doctor discovers that she was raped as a girl and seeks revenge by murdering her rapists in her dreams. Could Haerim be an incarnation of the Goddess Hera -- a woman who comes back from the dead to kill the men who raped her?
The haunting tale of a woman who is plagued by memories she can't recall After seeing a psychiatrist for help, it is revealed that she is possessed by the spirit of a mythical goddess that compels her to commit a series of bizarre murders. A group of detectives race against time to end her murderous streak and unravel the secret of the demon goddess, Hera.

Subtitles:English (.srt)