Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Tatsumi Kumashiro - Kurobara shôten (1975)



Tatsumi Kumashiro is one of the most accalimed pink film directors to emerge from Nikkatsu studio in the 70s. His films, though almost all erotic in nature, are often chosen by the respected Kinema Junpo as best films of the year.

Story outline translated from a Japanese source:
"Kurobara Shouten" (roughly translated as "the Ascension of Black Rose") tells the story of a porn film director Juzo (Shin Kishida of "Mandala"), who has a second profession of creating porn tapes (hilariously) by recording sound of animals in a zoo and in a dental clinic. He gets stuck in the middle of the production of his new film because the main actress, Meiko, wanted out since she is pregnant by the actor of the film. Later, Juzo accidentally records the sound of a sexually repressed traditional woman named Ikuyo ("Queen of SM" Naomi Tani of "Wife to Be Sacrificed" and the original "Flowers and Snakes") making out with the dentist. It turns out that Ikuyo is the mistress of a wealthy businessman, and she flirts with the dentist to satisfy her carnal needs. Juzo, disguised as a private detective, approaches Ikuyo and tries to persude/seduce/coerce her into being the new actress of his film.

The cinematographer of this film is Sinsaku Himeda, who became a regular working partner with Kumashiro after shooting a number of masterpieces with Shohei Imamura.




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