Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Mark Aaron - Grease Monkeys (1979)


„Get ready for a world of fast cars, drag races, fucking and sucking on cars, in cars and under them and on the beaches of California. Grease Monkeys is filled with strong men, big dicks, fast action and dynamite sex. These men love their cars as much as they love their sex!"

"Rodgers owns the service station/garage where he, Noll, and Marlin work. Rodgers' dream is twofold: (1) to rebuild the engine of his care so that he can win a local drag race and (2) to fuck himself. Dream one is not fulfilled within the video; in fact, he loses his only race to an older driver (Thomas Preux). But the second part of his dream is realized in a tour-de-force of filmmaking: in the final scene he and his doppelganger suck and fuck each other to a frenzy of narcissistic passion. Certainly, like the Jack Deveau short, "Double Scorpio," this scene is a must-see classic."-- Manshots, October 1995

"Grease Monkeys also has its own well done sound track and great dirty talk....There is however one scene that is unique to this film and it is a well constructed scene. That scene involves the protagonist of the video, who is in love with his auto, having sex with himself (literally) and the auto (I'll call this autoautism). The director has very skillfully provided a double for this scene whose face we never see, but who has the same basic attributes....It is all so skillfully done that it is hard to believe that there really is another person there having sex with the protagonist. It is hot!!!"--Jon Crawford, Gay Video Review“