Monday, April 13, 2015

Richard Rank - The Abduction Of Lorelei (1977)


THE ABDUCTION OF LORELEI is an insanely cheap XXX-roughie that does it's best to work in a bit of plot with the sex. It actually works for the most part, as there's even a twist ending that raises the film beyond being just another sleazy rape-themed trash-fest.
Lorelei is abducted by two scrappy outlaw-types and is raped and abused. Back at the "hideout", we meet the last member of the gang - a French girl that's the group leader's girlfriend. The scheme is to extort $1 million from Lorelei's wealthy father. All goes well until some inner turmoil amongst the abductors lead to some bloody results, and we find that the whole plan may not have been as it seemed from the start... The little bit of storyline that there is ends up carrying this film - and the "twist" ending is a bit of a welcome surprise, as it shows at least a touch of effort was put into the production. The sex scenes are nothing too notable, and there are some odd "inserts" that don't really fit but are added in for some odd reason. Not a bad way to kill 70 minutes, but there's better roughie material out there. Only really recommended for completists.

After all these years I was able to catch a copy of this movie. Although the acting is terrible there is really a story in this roughie. Made in the 70's this was the time of Grindhouse and the so-called XXX roughies. The hardcore isn't that "hardcore" after all and the 'penetration' inserts made you think, what the hell, sure that they were from stand-ins. The end of the movie has a surprising plot and makes it watchable. Not that good as other 70's roughies but clocking in at 70 minutes it's worth watching. The only problem is that there isn't a deasant copy to find of this movie. The DVD's that are available are VHS rips of a serious bad quality. But that makes it more 'a watchable grindhouse'