Monday, April 13, 2015

Shaun Costello - Afternoon Delights (1981)


“Hottest Scenes Ever Filmed!” Club Magazine.
“An Erotic Bombshell!” Screw Magazine.
“Hot, Slick, With Pulsating Heat! Sexually Overwhelming!” Pub Magazine.

A film by Warren Evans prides itself on 3 high levels: First, it has a great looking cast that can act. Second: it does not cop out in its sexual climaxes. All the sex is performed as it should be, but seldom is. This is a film that is bound to be talked about in the annals of erotic cinema. And Third: it explores the true premise of sex without exploiting its eroticism. He has created a humorous and witty film with exciting and true to life adventures in eroticism and deviant sexual behavior. This film is loaded with just the right amount of sexsational action. The main plot centers around 5 men who play poker together once a week. Their host decides to change the game into something more exiting, as each man is required to re-live sexual fantasies of their wives. There are many erotic highlights here, but to divulge all of them would spoil the good time you are bound to have when you watch