Sunday, May 31, 2015

Joe Sherman - The Blonde Next Door (1982)


The Blonde Next Door is laugh out loud original & outrageous. Barry Horne has bottled the hottest cologne ever seen! A few drops sprinkled on and women will do anything you want. Anything.! You'd think that with a formula like that the money would be endless. But no... you see the only source of Gusher Cologne is The Blonde Next Door, Cindy(Danielle). Not wanting to see the source of his wealth dry up, Barry signs Cindy to a slave contract and promises her endless orgasms... and 5%!! The fresh young faces & bodies of the many new starlets make this the best looking film of the year. Danielle is the new princess of adult films. She is a luscious & horny star on the rise. Catch her - if you want a rise!