Tuesday, July 14, 2015

David I. Frazer & Svetlana - Bad Girls IV (1986)


The legend continues. BAD GIRLS IV - from the production team that brought you BAD GIRLS I, II and III. "The Spielberg/Lucas of adult film" - March Penthouse 1985. Filmed on location in 35mm. Featuring original music, with plenty of gorgeous girls and handsome men. BAD GIRLS IV is the sizzling sex comedy of the year. The movie mixes red hot sex and heavy laughs in a tale of three passionate young ladies who leave Kansas to find fame and fortune. It's the story of a modern day Casanova and his quest to establish a world record for loving women and win a $150,000 prize. BAD GIRLS IV features one of the largest, star-studded casts ever to appear in an adult movie and the wildest wedding ever filmed. This feature is truly an adult film classic!

The fourth edition of the series is a departure from what's come before, with a whole new storyline and theme. The plot centers on Jamie Gillis, a notorious lothario who's set out to break the world record by having sex with 15,000 women in just three years. Everything is going smoothly until a trio of delectable damsels move into his apartment building. His roommates Jerry Butler and Richard Pacheco try to keep him focused on his goal, but Jamie's fallen head over heels for the delightful charms of Monique Gabrielle. One look at this scrumptious beauty will tell you why -- Monique was one of the most alluring women in 80s porn. But just as Jamie's getting ready to seal the deal with the luscious lust bunny, Monique catches a TV report about his sexual endeavors. She decides to get back at him in the best way she can think of -- by favoring someone else with her naturally delicious charms. The whole thing is done with a pleasantly light tone, and all of the sex seems to have been genuinely fun for the participants. Shauna Grant's finale with Monique ranks among the most erotic of her career. This one's a perfect choice for couples or anyone looking for light, fast-paced fun that emphasizes eroticism over raunch.