Saturday, August 8, 2015

Brunello Rondi - Valeria dentro e fuori aka Valerie Inside Outside(1972)


Erotic melodrama by Brunello Rondi, known mainly for his film 'Il demonio' (1963).

"I saw this movie when I was pretty young, too young maybe to really understand what was happening, but the core of the story has managed to stay with me for all these years. This movie is the story of a young, beautiful and very frustrated woman who is married to a famous choreographer in the 70's Italy. She has everything material she wants, clothes, a fancy home, jewelry, servants, except one thing: her husband refuses to have sex with her because she wants to get pregnant and have a child. Her husband does not want to have children because he feels they'd be too much responsibility and will interfere with his career and, and since they live in catholic Italy, having an abortion or other type of contraceptive measures is unthinkable. So she goes out, gets a job and does what comes naturally for a young, beautiful woman: she becomes extremely promiscuos and has sex with every man she comes in contact with, in just about every location imaginable. But there is hell to pay when her husband finds out that she's cheating on him, and her punishment is something worse than death. All this happens in about the first third of the movie. I liked the direction and editing, but the acting is what makes this movie worth watching" (Miguel Carvajal)