Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Byron Mabe - Space-Thing (1968)


Flying Scrap Metal, 23 September 2005
Author: morton grimp from california

Col. James Granilla is on a mission to learn about the Terranians and destroy their vessel. Terranians capture him, and he quickly blends in and gains their trust. In order to learn about them he ends up making love to their disgusting alien bodies (not so disgusting if you ask me).

This film is pretty corny. It's not pornographic, just lots of nudity such as films of the time had. The women in this film are quite beautiful, except for one way over-tanned blonde who looks like a ganguro girl. The space ship looks nothing like a space ship, it doesn't even look like a toy, it just looks like a round piece of scrap metal they found in a junk yard. The explosion at the end was kind of funny, it took me a moment to figure out just what it was that was supposed to be exploding. Not a bad film altogether, if you're into these quirky sort of films. I recommend buying the Sexy Space Box Set, which contains this film, and two other classics of the genre.

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