Saturday, August 8, 2015

Joe Damato & Mario Siciliano - Orgasmo esotico (1982)


Orgasmo Erotico is a giallo/porn hybrid directed by Joe Damato & Mario Siciliano. This film is a succession of scenes from horror to dark gothic to hardcore. Between sexual violence and torture, the movie plays with a very loose script. There certainly are many of D'Amato's themes on view: voyeurism, cannibalism, sadistic psychos, sex slaves, lesbianism, etc. Most of the actors are ones he usually works with and most of the music is also taken from his other films.

IMDB Says:
Buxom blonde Marina Frajese Lotar and her lover are enjoying sex at their remote country villa. Both are interrupted by Sonia Bennett, a mysterious black siren who stabs Lotar's lover in the stomach. Lotar attempts a feeble escape but is held down by Bennett, who injects her with a sleep inducing drug. Lotar wakes up to find Bennett sitting next to her and they call a doctor. Thats needs to a threesome...and the doctor not being able to ejaculate and is murdered!

Lotar now believes that that her lover has come back from the grave as a zombie, to seek retribution. That leads to dildo sex and sex with a plastic penis. Another young couple arrives to the villa and and finds it empty. They then make themselves a home and have some sex, before they are meant by Lotar and Bennett. The couple then falls under Bennett's magical powers and the couples then perform a threesome before the one male is thrown down a wale!

Then, another couple arrives to the villa and more sex occurs. But, the man breaks free of Bennett's magical powers. His wife finds her self not so lucky and gets thrown into an oven and her body gets served as lunch!

The film shortly ends after more sex and zombie action with Lotar waking up from a bad dream with her husband next to her and with the evil Bennett looking on through the darkness....