Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Scott McHaley - Fast Cars Fast Women (1981)


No-nonsense sponsor Molly (a winningly feisty performance by the ravishing Kay Parker) refuses to knuckle under to a bunch of sleazy mobsters who are attacking both her female drivers and their friends.

Writer/director Scott McHaley keeps the enjoyable and engrossing story moving along at a steady pace, makes neat use of the racetrack main locations, adds a few amusing touches of engaging lowbrow humor, and even tosses in some exciting rough'n'tumble fisticuffs for good measure. The solid cast holds this picture together: fetching brunette Carolyn Jackson as the sweet Casey, Kevin James as likable mechanic John, Al Chiurrizzi as evil scuzzball Orson, Ron Jeremy as Orson's mean flunky Dutch, foxy platinum blonde Sylvia Benedict as the sassy Kristy, and Rocky Balboa as hunky pit boss Doug. William Margold has a funny bit as a smarmy track manager. The sex scenes are pretty hot and explicit, with a steamy shower between Parker and Jackson rating as the definite arousing highlight. Best of all, Parker really shines in a juicy lead role: She has quite a commanding screen presence and one hell of a yummy robust figure complete with simply amazing enormous natural breasts. Pablo Lepell's sharp cinematography provides an attractive bright look. Sy Jameson's funky score hits the right-on happening spot. Worth a watch for both Kay Parker fans and Golden Age era adult cinema aficionados alike.