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Masayuki Asao - Hana to hebi: kyûkyoku nawa chôkyô (1987)


Pinku Fans - Rejoice In Another Sleaze Masterpiece..., 23 September 2006

Author: EVOL666 from St. John's Abortion Clinic

Yeah baby...what is there NOT to like in FLOWER AND SNAKE: ROPE MAGIC??? For the pinku fans out there - this one has it all. If you don't know about this sort of material, or you're a "newbie" you may wanna wait awhile to slide this one in...

Gambling debts cause a scumbag to "sell" his girlfriend and her step-mother to local Yakuza thugs. The step-mom tries to make a deal to have her step-daughter released, but nothing's doin' for her. The gang decides to sexually torture both women in some pretty steamy scenes - and when the mother-daughter-duo try to escape with the help of the boyfriend and are double-crossed by the mother's maid...all hell REALLY breaks loose for the trio...

Straight-up - this is one of the best pinku films I've seen in a while. Sleazy as hell, involving incest themes, lots of vibrator/dildo torture, hot-wax "fun", Christmas bell vag torutre, shibari-style rope bondage, p!ssing, an opium vaginal torture see-saw, and all other types of twisted sleaze - ROPE MAGIC is a SURE winner to fans of the "harder" Nikkatsu fare. Not as violent as typical pinku favorites ASSAULT! JACK THE RIPPER or RAPE! 13TH HOUR - this one is more comparable to WIFE TO BE SACRIFICED, FEMALE MARKET: IMPRISONMENT, or maybe STAR OF David (aka BEAUTIFUL GIRL HUNTER) - but is also reminiscent of Gaira's RUSTED BODY in terms of the sexual-torture on display. The absolute BEST part is the completely un-PC ending - which I won't spoil - but I'll say is a PERFECT mesh for the rest of the trash on display here. A must-see for hard-core pinku fans, and an automatic favorite of mine...8.5/10




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