Sunday, October 11, 2015

Roberta Findlay - Liquid A$$ets (1982)


IMDb comments:
Saw this a few years after it was made. Back in those days, porn films more often than not had a plot, which made them even better cuz one minute you're watching the characters go about their normal lives la dee da and the next minute they're getting buck naked, which is more of a turn-on than just straight sex.

The comedic plot involves a Mel Brooks' "Producers" style scenario about a wealthy guy deliberately puts on a flop play as a tax write-off (the play is about the Russian revolution, and this is probably the only porn film ever where someone uses the word "mensheviks").

As I recall no full frontal nudity but lots of undulating flesh nonetheless. Ron Jeremy is amusing as the lawyer who sets up the whole tax write-off. There is a rather obvious and none-too-subtle satirical scene about a hypocritical judge who lambastes the sex trade. You get the impression that the guys who made this thought they were gonna be doing something a bit better than the average porn film, (sorta life Jack Horner in Boogie Nights)and for the most part they succeeded.