Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Custódio Gomes - Aguenta Tesão (Quanto Mais Sexo Melhor) AKA O ETesão (1986)


Here is a real gem, an almost unbelievable piece of Brazilian porn. Needless to say it was made in the Boca do Lixo era, the golden age of brazilian trash porn. Needless to say, camp as hell.

This one is not really famous or important, but i felt it had to be here because of its bizarre quality. The plot is simple: four couples go to the beach to have fun at a camping site where a lot of sex, fucking and lust goes on (and not much else!). Star Marcia Ferro's boyfriend hasn't shown up, so there's no one to do her. She spends her time watching old porn VHS tapes, imagining dirty things and trekking around the beach, where she finds some horses fucking and finally encounters a strange and horny visitor: Spielberg's ET, only somewhat bigger and uglier.

Basically is the same as Alucinações Sexuais de Um Macaco: the protagonist sees a lot of fuckscenes taken from other Boca do Lixo flicks and then has sex with someone who's wearing a weird costume.

Before you ask: yes, the horse-on-horse action is explicit, and so is the ET-on-girl (he has a weird dog-like penis)... How low can you get?

Language(s):brazilian portuguese