Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Evan Georgiades - Vivid (1999)


Storyline : When a passionate young model convinces her boyfriend, a painter, to take to the canvas to renew their sexual chemistry, their erotic, uninhibited masterpieces command the attention of the art world. Smothered in paint, the couple slip and slide into a new realm of their relationship.

This film is an exceptional erotic romp; sensitive and engaging look at tension and depression with scattered moments of exhilarating release and a vibrant climax. Unlike similar films which no doubt inspired this mostly unknown Canadian-only release (ie. 9 1/2 Weeks, Wild Orchid, Erotica), this movie focuses on two characters, an ailing artist (Shellen) and his tempestuous girlfriend (Wurher/Salin), as they wander through sexual tension and bursts of self (and "other") discovery as they attempt to find balance in themselves, their relationship and in the art which the artist creates. It's a classic "suffering artist" cliche' which is early on tossed out the window to be replaced by a wild splattering of lovemaking and love-creating. This film is fun and sensual. It is a great couples film, if erotica is your cup of tea, and it's not too serious. Some of the dialogue is rather humorous, and the film's only weaknesses are in the sophomoric delivery by Shellen and leading lady neophyte Wuhrer/Salin. But all that is forgivable because in the end this film is just a heck of a lot of fun. Plus the soundtrack was noteworthy -- which is mostly unheard of in this genre -- and features a track by the starlet called "Venus Bound" and a wonderful closing track called "Love,Love,Love" by Hemingway Corner.

This movie is about an artist (Shellen) who has suffered a creative block but is then inspired when his live-in girlfriend (Wuhrer) suggests having sex on the canvas while covered in paint. Although an interesting plot for a movie that I am sure has been practised by more than one artist in the world, the lack of intelligent dialogue leaves the viewer wishing for less art and more story. Wuhrer plays a mildly convincing and compliant girlfriend who, although nude throughout the movie, shows some signs of acting ability towards her artistic boyfriend. Shellen, on the other hand, leaves the viewer hoping that he only relies on his artistic and not acting abilities.

An interesting but uninspirational movie.