Friday, December 11, 2015

Gary Graver - Peaches and Cream (1981)


Annette Haven is surely the most beautiful and satisfying body ever to grace the smoldering adult screen…!’ ‘…Discover the joys of sex, the way this delightfully naïve but excitable farm-girl does and you’ll know why this film was voted 100% by Hustler…!’

The beautiful erotic superstar Annette Haven is perfect as the innocent but ready gal who moves from her farm to the city. Annette’s magnificent body and untried sexual abilities are quickly put to the test as she is immediately confronted by a bewildering and exciting array of brand new sexual opportunities.

In an arousing succession of sensational erotic encounters, she becomes intimately involved with the big city carnal excesses. From hooker to superstud, wild orgy to intimate and deeply satisfying affair. She tries it all! Then, before we realized it, the lovely virginal Annette becomes a sensual tigress…an erotic volcano whose trembling body awaits the slightest touch to send it into a magnificent sexual explosion. The farm girl has indeed found her home…within the orgasmic delights of the big stimulating city!