Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jennifer Welles & Joseph W. Sarno - Inside Jennifer Welles (1977)


Jennifer Wells is a walking sex manual. Jennifer Welles gives fans the treat of their lives, practical demonstrations in the art of seduction. One of out favorite stars of the blue-tinged screen, tells her story with humor, wit, sex and the joy of loving. Scores 100% in unbridled lust.
”Jennifer Welles is unstoppable in her pursuit of happiness. Jennifer Welles puts all of her freakiest fantasies into her farewell film. Her exhausting display of erotica LEFT THE AUDIENCE GASPING. Jennifer Welles fans will stand up and cheer. We see more of what's inside Jennifer Welles than ever before. JENNIFER CAN MAKE ANY GET DROOL AND ANY LADY BLUSH. A knockout sensual sensations!