Friday, December 11, 2015

Nick Millard - L'amour de femme (1969)


Whether you like Millard or not you must admit he developed a very unique style of film-making. He achieved exactly what he wanted. Low budget exploitation films that let him indulge his own kinks, that were moderately successful financially and allowed him to travel the world and make a decent living. What more could anyone want?

Its pretentious, nonsensical narration dragging it down, Nick Millard's L'AMOUR DE FEMME at least delivers arousing lesbian action and a solid dose of the auteur's leather boots fetish.
Starring the same unidentified toothy actress who played the title role in SCYLA, film features a book bearing its title "L'Amour de Femme". Various women masturbate and have sex with each other, colorfully photographed and wearing outlandish costumes including big floppy hats. Editing is random and music is all over the map (drawing on Nick's own library of oft-repeated tracks), ranging from folk guitar to jazz harpsichord.
Malta as Suzanne dominates visually, and it is easy to see why this busty blonde was a softcore favorite. What passes (in voice-over) for plot has a sort of lesbian rivalry over "ownership" of a young protégée. One of the lesbians has a "beard" of a husband named Peter, who is more interested in his boyfriends, though Nick as usual does not venture into any male homosexuality depicted on screen. Much has been made by latter-day "scholars" concerning Nick's unhappy endings, but this one seems tacked-on and pointless.
Overall, the quality of Millard's photography and casting of beautiful women makes L'AMOUR DE FEMME an enjoyable erotic outing.