Friday, December 11, 2015

Nick Millard - Lustful Addiction (1969)


This grindhouse classic from Nick Phillips is perhaps the bleakest of his softcore output, combining the director’s favourite visuals; naturally endowed hippy-chicks in fetish wear, drug usage, and lesbianism, in a psychedelic sleaze-fest that proves both a turn on and downer. Shot in black and white, with an uncredited cast, the film follows heroin addict Jean and her inevitable misadventures in and out of the drug scene. Following a sleazy encounter with her thieving pusher she drifts off into the outside world where she meets clean cut Tad and soon after they become smitten with each other she swiftly introduces poor Tad to her junkie culture. Sex, drugs, sleaze and death backed by grooved out hippie beats and a borderline beatnik narrative are the order of the day in this freaked out cult curiosity.