Sunday, December 27, 2015

Walt Davis - Sex Psycho AKA The Demon in Miss Jones (1970)


If one had to pick the most shocking Sexy Shocker so far, it would probably be a toss-up between this perverted gem and the pecker-munching moment in Mad Love Life of a Red Hot Vampire. But this one's special. This one has a malignant perversity that's almost awe inspiring. A triple-XX porno horror comedy from the director of Evil Come Evil Go, it features an young John Holmes, a startling bit of graphic homosexual humping, and surprisingly gory violence.
Greaseball Nick suspects his wife of cheating on him. Nick goes out and buys a meat cleaver but, instead of hacking up Cassidy, he goes over to his girlfriend Eva's home and puts the meat cleaver through the neck of Jerry, Eva's “queer son-of-a-bitch” husband (played by director Walt Davis) who's right in the middle of having sex with Marshall, Eva's bi-sexual brother. Whack! And yes, kiddies, there's nothing quite like opening a heterosexual porn film with gurgling blood and a gay sex scene to totally wake up and disorient its audience. But, wait, it gets worse...
Turned on by the killing, horny Eva pomptly gets it on with both Nick and... well, Jerry's corpse. After dumping Jerry in a big black coffin, Eva then has sex with her brother right on top of it.
When Nicky's wife also shows up, she and Nick retreat to the bedroom for some Nicky-ball as Eva sneaks up on then with Nicky's meat cleaver. This causes Nicky's wife to scream, chomp down on Nicky's frisky fella, bite it off, and choke to death on the morbid mouthful. Nicky cups his bloody stump and howls, Eva freaks, and we start making a mental list of all the unsuspecting friends and relatives we'd like to show this to. One wonders just what the hell audience this was made for. No surprise that it was never theatrically released except for a single disastrous preview in the early '70s that, understandably, sent stunned patron racing for the exits.
Though there's non title card on the print, this was reportedly shot under the title Widow Blue. However, the bands on the film reels red The Demon in Miss Jones so that's the title we're using as well. Under any title, it is, of course, the perfect gift for the person you love. The ending ponders whether it was all a decide. Excerpts from Henry Mancini's classic musical score for Touch of Evil and Walt Disney's Fantasia are featured in the film.

While 'Sex Psycho' has little to no credibility as a serious piece of film-making; when it comes to exploitation cinema, this is exactly what the sort of film that we degenerates look for! Sex Psycho starts off shockingly, and then constantly builds on itself, and it's clear that director Walt Davis made this film with the intention of going a little further every time he decides to break a taboo. The plot centres on theme of an adulterous relationship between two unscrupulous individuals. Jerry and Eva are having an affair, and decide that Eva's husband has to go. Naturally, they decide to take on the services of Eva's brother; and while he and the husband are having sex (...), the boyfriend comes in and graphically inserts a butcher's knife into the husband's throat. From there, we watch as things go from sick to sicker, with the opening homosexual sex scene being topped by a sequence that sees the wife have sex with her lover on the bed that her husband's corpse still lies on, before an incestuous sex scene is followed by a five person orgy. The entire movie is shot in just one apartment, and I doubt the film cost more than a few bucks to make. It's not surprising, then, that the film received just the one release...which didn't take long to go out of print, and now finds itself the target of just about every hardcore porn/exploitation fan around. Naturally, the acting is rubbish and the direction leaves a lot to be desired; but the shameless nudity is a treat, and since it often leads into another graphic sex scene, it's not surprising that this film is widely liked by anyone sick enough to track it down. Naturally, Sex Psycho isn't for everyone; and I'd only really recommend this film to people familiar with hardcore pornography. There's no depth at all to the plot, but unlike a lot of films of this type; this one doesn't become boring because the sick sex scenes are interesting enough, and the way the plot is laid out always manages to provide some surprises. The ending features what is one of the most shocking, yet hilarious, castration sequences ever to be committed to film, and overall; if you like your movies dirty and sleazy, you can't go wrong with Sex Psycho!