Sunday, January 24, 2016

Kris Kramski - Lisa (1997)


voyager wrote:
What makes LISA so special? Lets distill it. The work is shot on film, so it has that "movie look and feel" to it. It develops the heroine of the movie, Liza Harper, from the start to the end of the film, meaning character development in the plot, (yeah
I know, what a concept, but for current porn this is sorta breaking the edge of the envelope type stuff!...). Granted, the plot isn't real deep, but the director tied together a story, rather than a hodge-podge of 4 to 6 scenes. And, because of the character development, we "care" about what goes on with Liza! [...]
The sex is heated, some parts very heated. Finally, I'm a fool for women with foreign accents! Liza's french accent, when she speaks slowly, is just wonderful, the few times, she flies off the handle and started to rant and rave, I couldn't understand what she was saying...