Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Werner Hedman - I tyrens tegn AKA In the Sign of the Taurus (1974)


It is the summer of 1924 in a small respectable Danish town. When its moral residents find out that Count von Lieberhaus, their wealthy benefactor who recently passed away, has left a bizarre bequest in his will, it causes a serious uproar among them. The will states that the first illegitimate child born in the town in 9 ½ months will inherit all the wealth and unless one of the residents can produce a child out of wedlock within that time, the entire town will be subject to taxes for the first time and all the money will go to homeless cats in Copenhagen. This is the second Danish erotic zodiac comedy and one of the best.

Starring: Ole Søltoft, Preben Mahrt, Susanne Breuning, Johan Thiersen, Suzanne Bjerrehuus, Otto Brandenburg, Lone Helmer, Kate Mundt, Mette von Kohl, Vivi Rau, Anna Wiklund, Louise Frevert, Lone Gersel, Else Petersen, Sigrid Horne-Rasmussen, Karl Stegger, Bent Warburg & Anne Bie Warburg.


Subtitles:English (muxed & srt)