Thursday, September 1, 2016

Annelise Meineche - Uden en trævl AKA Without a Stitch (1968)


When a high-school girl complains of her inability to reach sexual climax, her doctor suggests that she keeps a diary of her sexual encounters. She does just that and soon finds herself caught up in a sexual merry-go-round that includes making a hardcore porno film in Sweden, an escapade with a German sadist and a lesbian encounter.

This film is based on the controversial Norwegian novel Uten en tråd by Jens Bjørneboe. In 1967, he was sentenced in Norway for publishing pornography and the book confiscated and banned. The trial, however, made the book a huge success and it was translated into several languages. Within a year, the book was filmed in Denmark as Uden en trævl by Annelise Meineche who co-wrote the script with John Hilbard. The film, nevertheless, became equally controversial. In Rhode Island, USA, for instance, a Superior Court judge declared the film “obscene” and “utterly without any literary, artistic or scientific merit” and forbad the theaters to show it. (Further information: link)

Starring: Anne Grete Nissen, Ib Mossin, Joan Gamst, Niels Borksand, Ki-Jo Feza, Dieter Eppler, Søren Strømberg & Niels Dybeck.

Subtitles:English, Danish