Friday, September 2, 2016

Atsushi Fujiura - Zetsurin ama: Shimari-gai aka Horny Diver - Tight Shellfish (1985)



"A small fishing village becomes the target of Mr. Matsunaga, a ruthless real estate developer who wants to turn the quaint area into a lucrative tourist attraction. Hiring a young, horny man named Junpei to bed the local ladies in an attempt to persuade them all to sign deals for their land, the lovely diving girls of the area succumb to his sexual desires. When the true intentions of the developer are discovered, the entire sleazy plan comes crashing down. Will the diving girls continue to grab their clams? Will Junpei finally find true love among the luscious naked nymphs?

Featuring lots of ample-breasted Asian women, steamy sex scenes, topless catfights, and even a crazy strip club sequence with an octopus being inserted into a place it shouldn’t be, HORNY DIVER: TIGHT SHELLFISH is a truly jaw-dropping and sexy entry in “The Nikkatsu Erotic Films Collection.”"


Hey, how about another Nikkatsu review? This time out we have Horny Diver: Tight Shellfish, the second diver girl film in the series. And like the first entry (Nympho Diver: G-String Festival) it’s a fairly light comedy, high in soap opera dramatics. And we almost make it through this thing without a sexual assault. Almost. Peeing does make a return though.

So, our story takes place in a small fishing village on the coast of Japan. A shady representative is trying to buy up all the land for a resort of some kind by hiring a woman to seduce the local fishing chief. He also has a young local man running around town screwing young girls to get them to sign over their family’s land. The Chief’s daughter has just returned from Tokyo University and is diving for shellfish as a part time job (along with all the other pretty girls in town evidently). She seems to have a vague memory of having a half sister. Couldn’t be the girl that she’s had a childhood rivalry with could it? She also meets a mysterious young man hanging around town. He couldn’t have anything to do with the resort could he?

I was kind of expecting this to devolve into a sort of ‘slobs vs. snobs’ scenario at the half way point but it never does, to it’s benefit. It does kind of drop the comedy though and the drama takes over. The film’s light enough (and short enough) that it’s still an enjoyable watch, and even kind of sweet in it’s own way. It is light on the crazy though, with the exception of one scene in particular. And this scene is one of the strangest in the whole series so it almost makes up for it. The local fishermen gather at a club where a girl slurps up different drinks into her vagina through a straw, does a little hip shaking dance (to mix them together) and then shoots them out into the men’s mouth. Of course, one pushy patron gets a mouth full of piss. Then as an encore, the woman shoves an octopus up there and shoots ink in the man’s face. He doesn’t take kindly to that so he grabs some kind of electrical jellyfish and shoves it up there as well. This sends electrical shocks through the two of them as a girl walks by with a lightbulb gets drawn in, lighting it up Uncle Fester style...

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